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Are you an NFT collection producer wanting to grow? Empower & engage your holders, attract new members, & raise the floor!

This new and FREE mastermind community and newsletter will help you grow, & learn marketing tips, tactics and tools you need to rise the floor, pack your Discord, & enjoy the success you see others achieving. Complete the form on the left and JOIN NOW!

Drop the "bear market excuse" and do your members right!

Not a collection owner? Join to learn and get some inside Alpha!

Hey there! I'm your host and newsletter publisher, Nick "Deacon Z" Cifonie. I walked from a successful digital marketing agency after 11 years to sell NFTs. Let me show you why! 

Community. Marketing. Collabs. Profits.

Our experts and members will expand to leaders in virtually every kind of nft/ordinal collection you can think of.

You ask, they answer, you profit. We even invite flippers & NFT collectors in a public section for their perspective, as well a to give them the opportunity to learn and share their valuable opinions as potential members of your community.

Afterall, COMMUNITY is what makes or breaks your project's success.

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Features? No. Benefits? Yes.

You are not going to get a bunch of useless features. You are going to get valuable benefits.

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  • Private Discord mastermind with access to retail buyers, collectors and flippers for marketing info and strategies.

  • Interviews & QA's on marketing, launches, collaborations, community growing, and more.

  • Free weekly "A Rising Floor" Newsletter that includes news, ideas, and step-by-step marketing tactics.

  • Meet other producers looking to collab, contractors, partners, and more.


    This is not a course.

    This is a digital mastermind. If you don't know the difference yet, you will soon.

    There is no limit to what you can ask, learn, discuss and implement:

  • Understand and discuss the principles of copywriting to write sales letters, emails, and social media posts.

  • Learn how to write Twitter and Facebook Ads to grow your community from people who have done this in the past.

  • Find other project owners like yourself, also seeking to do collaborations and create creative partnerships.

  • Learn why you need to create automated email processes and NOT rely on social media. (hint: you don't own Twitter)

  • Discuss ideas with other producers and NFT collectors and flippers to get viewpoints from different views and angles. 


    Real testimonials.

    The "real" is in case you think we make our testimonials up. We don't. Coming Soon.

    Placeholder, cause we're going to do some big things!

    Jessica Doe

    Placeholder, cause we're going to do some big things!

    Jewela Doe


    People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, reduce their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

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